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Dr. Cathy Chovaz offers linguistically and culturally accessible and effective psychological care for deaf children, adolescents. and adults. She provides assessments and  therapy for a number of mental health disorders, and offers consultation to other health care professionals and agencies regarding mental health and deafness.

Dr. Chovaz

Dr. Cathy Chovaz is a Deaf clinical psychologist.  She is the Director of the King's Centre of Deaf Education & Accessibility Forum (CDEAF) and an Associate Professor of Psychology at King's University College at Western University, London, Ontario.  She has published and presented extensively across Canada and the world.


Services provided in ASL or English

1. Initial Meeting 

2. Assessments

3. Counselling

4. Consultations

5. Presentations

Mental Health and Deafness

Many deaf people enjoy life!   Some factors associated with being deaf, however, may make life harder affecting mood, behaviours and well-being. Over time the lived experience of the deaf (LED) may affect mental health and well-being. It is important to recognize these factors as well as learn how to cope with them.  An assessment may help identify what is causing distress and treatment strategies may help individuals learn the best way to cope.  The goal is always to empower people to experience life in healthy ways.

1. Initial Meeting

Sometimes the reason you or your child feels distress is not clear.  It can be helpful for us to meet and  discuss your concerns and needs.  From that meeting, we can decide what type of service might be best.

Cost: $100

2. Assessments

There are different kinds of assessements that can be helpful.

1.  Learning Assessments

Includes assessments for:

- intellectual disabilities

- developmental delays

- giftedness

- learning disabilities

2. Child Mental Health Assessments

Includes assessments for psychiatric disorders such as:


- Mood disorders

- Autism

- Disruptive Behaviour

These assessments typically take 4-6 hours.

Cost - $1500 - $2000

3. Consultations

Many family doctors, psychiatrists, school personnel, and agencies are not aware of the many risk factors affecting deaf people.  Consultations help educate about mental health and deafness as well as provide appropriate strategies and supports.  These consultations ensure that deaf people are provided accessible, effective and appropriate care within the mental health care system.

Cost: $150/hour

4. Presentations

Dr. Chovaz has presented across Canada as well as the world.  Click below to see some examples of her work.

Costs depend on situation.

5. Dr. Chovaz' Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is located under Downloads


Chovaz CV (docx)


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